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The above video is our TV appearance on SBS Small Business Secrets and tells The Party People story well.

At The Party People Shop, we believe everyone should have their dream party. We stock the largest range of party supplies in Australia with over 25,000 products including Themed Decorations, Balloons, Catering Supplies, Confectionary, Seasonal Merchandise, Sports Supporter Products and Costumes. With our unique products and specialised service, we help people create amazing parties!

The Party People Drummoyne Store

Image: The Party People Megastore Drummoyne.


It all began in 1985 when Mala Salakas was "Patches" the clown catering for kids parties all over Sydney. Her passion for kids party led her to open a small little party shop in Sans Souci NSW. Today we employ over 40 people and operate the largest retail party supplies outlet in Australia (located in Drummoyne) as well as Australia's most visited online party supply store (according to Experian Hitwise independant site statistics).

The Party People is a retail party supply chain based in Australia and we service customers from our website worldwide. The Party People are also specialists in decorating. We have won many awards in balloon sculptures, classic decor and table centerpieces over the years. Our senior certified balloon artist educates many of the balloon artists in Australia and around the world so when you use us, you get world class service.

Patches The Clown in Sydney Weekender Magazine

Image: Mala Salakas as Patches The Clown in Sydney Weekend Magazine 1992. Current Owners are Dean Salakas (back seat) and Peter Salakas (next to clown)

Interesting Stats About The Party People;

  • More than 25,000 products lines on range.
  • Serviced more than 545,000 parties.
  • Sold more than 4.6 million party supplies.
  • A customer buys something approximately every 9 seconds.
  • Trading for over 30 years and counting.
  • ThePartyPeople.com.au is the most visited party supplies store online (according to www.experian.com) with over 1.7 million unique visitors a year.
  • The Drummoyne Store is Australia's Largest Party Store with more than 1700 square meters of party!
  • The Drummoyne Store is the largest retail store of costumes for sale in Australia.


Our story has been covered in the media and we have most of the major coverage on our media page but you can find lots more about us by Googling "The Party People". 

  • 1982 - Mala Salakas started the home based business by hosting and catering for kid’s parties as “Patches the Clown”.
  • 1985 - The business grew to include many clowns and party organisers. Mala and her father Peter Nikolas purchased a party planning company called “The Party People” for $2000 and opened a shop in Sans Souci.
  • 1999 - Dean Salakas removed the existing 1 page website and started Australia’s first online party store at www.ThePartyPeople.com.au. 
  • 2003 - Dean Salakas redevelops the company website and strategy as part of a university project. As a result It was one of the first companies in Australia to use google adwords (Sydney Morning Herald Article).
  • 2007 - Brothers, Peter and Dean Salakas purchased the business from their parents.
  • 2009 - Hitwise Independent Statistics confirm The Party People have reached the number one ranking in the party supplies industry, overtaking a party directory to achieve the accolade.
  • 2011 - We launch Australia’s Largest Party Store in Drummoyne
  • 2014 - We Launch "WikiParty", The worlds first online party-pedia. 
  • 2015 - Business Pitches for Investment on Channel 10's Shark Tank. Turns down a $400,000.00 offer from Janine Allis.
  • 2016 - The Party People turns 30
  • 2017 - Named 2017 Independant Retailer of The Year by the Australia Retail Association (CEO also named 2017 Retail Leader Of the Year)
  • 2018 - Named 2018 Independant Retailer of The Year & 2018 Online Retailer Of The Year by the Australia Retail Association (CEO also named 2018 Retail Leader Of the Year)
  • Today the business continues to dominate the party industry with Australia's largest range of party supplies distributed all over the world. We are now in the process of preparing ourselves to seek investment to open more retail stores
  • To Be Continued................


Meet The Owners

Dean (left in photo) and Peter Salakas (right in photo) are the Owners of The Party People. The business was started by their mother Mala Salakas(middle in photo) and Grandfather Peter Nikolas.


Dean Salaksas, Mala Salakas & Peter Salakas

Dean has a Bachelor of Business and Commerce Degree with Majors in Marketing and Operations Manager. Before becoming an owner at The Party People Dean was a business analyst at Woolworths and was also studying a masters in business. For more information on visit https://au.linkedin.com/in/deansalakas

Peter Salakas has an Bachelor of Exercise Science specialising in Exercise Physiology. Peter was previously a Exercise Physiologist at Bounce Exercise Clinic before becoming an owner of The Party People.


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