Just keep swimming. 

We are so excited to see the release of Finding Dory to cinemas in a few weeks. It’s been a long time coming! What’s not to love about these adorable little ocean friends? When we saw this idea, we had to give it a go. Its super simple and absolutely fitting for any kids party.

What you’ll need… 

  • A large container for your drink
  • A blue drink
  • Ice
  • (2) 4″ Half Foam Balls
  • (2) Brown felt circles – 3 inches wide
  • (2) black felt circles – 2&1/2 inches wide
  • (2) yellow foam triangles with a curved centre
  • Fabric Tac Glue
  • Glue stick

finding dory drink kids party sweet ideas

How to… 

  • Assemble the eyes by gluing the brown felt circles to the white balls
  • Glue the black felt over the brown
  • Add some glue to the backs of the foam balls
  • Stick them onto the glass container and then take them off
  • Let the glue on the container and the glue on the balls, set up and begin to get sticky for about 1 minute
  • Place the eyes back onto the container
  • Follow the same procedure for the fins

finding dory drink kids party sweet ideas


Shout out to the source: http://kidfriendlythingstodo.com/2016/05/finding-dory-party-drink-kids/

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