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Chapter 1

Feeling bored while sitting on the riverbank? Noticed a talking, clothed White Rabbit with a pocket watch running past saying “I’m late! I’m late!” Whatever you do, don’t follow it down a rabbit hole or you might suddenly fall a long way into a curious hall with many locked doors of all sizes. If you do manage to get to use a small key in a small door too small to fit through, surely you won’t end up in an attractive garden? If you then discover a bottle on a table labelled “DRINK ME,” be very careful the contents may cause you to shrink too small to reach the key which you left on the table…

Create your own Mad Hatters Tea Party

INVITATIONS – Use messages in a bottle, key tags, pocket watches, a deck of cards or book covers to summon your characters

TABLE SETTINGS – Grab old china or replica tea sets (maybe even out of the kids’ cubby house), bottles, use diamond – heart – club and spade shapes scattered along a trestle table

CHAIRS – Anything and everything that can be found to pop the bottoms on – before, during or after playing musical chairs

FOOD – Layer up an array of ribbon or club sandwiches, scones, cup cakes, fruit platters or Cheshire Cat Tails… Easily make something similar by threading pink marshmallows onto sticks, then wrapping strips of blue / purple fruit leather around them

cheshire cat tails alice in wonderland party

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LOOT BAGS – As the adventure draws to a close a simple way for your characters to take their stash home is in these simple to create loot bags.

  1. Plain paper bags
  2. Hole punch
  3. Ribbon
  4. Shapes left over from the table decorations

…will have your little White Rabbits scurrying off grinning like Cheshire Cats

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


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