Themed Products / Licensed Themes

Disney Fairies

Tinkerbell and her fairy friends are here to help you have a magical party!

Adult Costume Fever Mystical Fairty Small
$43.90 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Tinkerbell (COS-13720)

Green dress, wings and headpiece.

Balloon - Foil Super Shape Tinkerbell
$15.00 (incl GST)

Balloon - Foil Super Shape, Tinkerbell (BAL-15894)

A huge foil/mylar balloon in the shape of Tinkerbell.

Balloon - Latex Print 11 Tinkerbell
$1.00 (incl GST)

Balloon - Latex, Print 11" Tinkerbell (BAL-16205)

Sold in assorted colours of rose, spring lilac and lime green these 11" latex balloons have a print of Tinkerbell.

Banner - Disney Fairies
$6.75 (incl GST)

Banner - Disney Fairies (THP-17347)

A plastic party banner featuring Tinkerbell and her fairy friends!

Blowouts - Tinkerbell 8 pk
$4.65 (incl GST)

Blowouts - Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue 8 pk (THP-17348)

A pack of blowouts which match other products in the Disney fairies range.

Bubble Balloon - Tinkerbell
$14.00 (incl GST)

Bubble Balloon - Tinkerbell (BAL-13004)

Like nothing this world has ever seen! Bubbles are made of see-through, stretchy plastic.

Candle - Tinkerbell
$6.75 (incl GST)

Candle - Tinkerbell (THP-17544)

Believing is just the beginning....a pretty candle in the shape of a leaf and featuring Tinkerbell from the disney Fairies theme.

Card - Happy Birthday Disney Fairies
$2.00 (incl GST)

Card - Happy Birthday, Disney Fairies (THP-25588)

Wish someone a magical birthday with this Disney fairies themed birthday card!

Child Costume - Garden Fairy
$35.90 (incl GST)

Child Costume - Garden Fairy (THP-25709)

A girl's garden fairy costume.

Child Costume - Peter Pan
$39.60 (incl GST)

Child Costume - Peter Pan (COS-17801)

This costume consists of a hat, shirt and pants.

CupcakeMuffin Cups - Tinkerbell  pk
$6.75 (incl GST)

Cupcake/Muffin Cups - Disney Fairies 50 pk (THP-17545)

Imagine the themed cupcakes that would compliment these!

Cups Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue 8 pk
$5.30 (incl GST)

Cups, Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue 8 pk (THP-19136)

A set of eight disposable cardboard cups printed with Tinkerbell from the Great Fairy Rescue.

Decorating Kit - Disney FairiesTinkerbell
$34.95 (incl GST)

Decorating Kit - Disney Fairies/Tinkerbell (THP-17966)

Turn your room into a pixie wonderland with this magical Tinkerbell Giant Decorating Kit.

Dinner Plates Tinkerbell  pk
$7.45 (incl GST)

Dinner Plates, Tinkerbell 8 pk (THP-17349)

These mostly lime green and electric blue disposable plates feature Tinkerbell and her friends, Iridessa, Silvermist, Fawn and Rosetta.

Gift Wrap - Disney Fairies
$1.40 (incl GST)

Gift Wrap - Disney Fairies (THP-25556)

Personalize your presents with this Tinkerbell wrapping paper!

Invitations - Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue  pk
$7.45 (incl GST)

Invitations - Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue 8 pk (THP-19138)

Invite your friends to your Fairy party with these magical invitations!

Life Size CutoutStand Ups - Peter Pan
$52.50 (incl GST)

Life Size Cutout/Stand Ups - Peter Pan (THP-19539)

"First star on the right and straight on till morning!" A life size cardboard cutout of Peter Pan.

Life-size CutoutsStand-up - Tinkerbell
$52.50 (incl GST)

Life-size Cutouts/Stand Up - Tinkerbell Fairy Dust (THP-7533)

A life size cardboard cutout of Tinkerbell using her magic wand.

Life-size CutoutsStand Ups - Tinkerbell Hips
$52.50 (incl GST)

Life-size Cutouts/Stand Ups - Tinkerbell Hips (THP-19655)

A life size cardboard cutout of that most famous of all fairies, Tinkerbell!

Life-size CutoutsStand-up - Disney Fairies Group
$60.00 (incl GST)

Life-size Cutouts/Stand-up - Disney Fairies Group (PAS-21370)

Now there can really be fairies at the bottom of your garden. A 'life size' cardboard cutout of Tinkerbell and her friends.

Loot Bags - Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue 8 pk
$3.95 (incl GST)

Loot Bags - Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue 8 pk (THP-19137)

A pack of 8 plastic loot bags with handles with the Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue design.

Luncheon Serviettes Tinkerbell Fairy Rescue 16 pk
$4.95 (incl GST)

Luncheon Serviettes, Tinkerbell Fairy Rescue 16 pk (THP-19139)

A packet of sixteen disposable Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue napkins.

Party Pack - Disney Fairies 40 pc
$23.50 (incl GST)

Party Pack - Disney Fairies 40 pc (THP-25279)

Have an instant fairy party with the Disney Fairies party pack!

Pick Onion - Pink Fairy
$3.90 (incl GST)

Pick, Onion - Pink Fairy (BAL-25186)

A foil spray/pick with stars along the stem and a glittery pink foam fairy at the top.

Pinata - Tinkerbell
$34.75 (incl GST)

Pinata - Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue (PAS-16512)

An unfilled round pinata featuring the characters from The Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue movie.

Tablecover - Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue
$7.45 (incl GST)

Tablecover - Tinkerbell, Great Fairy Rescue (THP-17346)

A plastic tablecover featuring Tinkerbell and her fairy friends.

Tutu - Adult Green and Gold
$17.95 (incl GST)

Tutu - Adult, Green and Gold (COS-23024)

Wear Australia's colours with pride in your new adult green and gold tutu!