Custom Printed Balloons

Below is the following information:


The Party People can print any logo, image or photo on balloons and with over 70 colours, the options are endless!

Balloons attract attention whether on the ceiling at a party or in someones hand walking down the stree. This makes them perfect for being noticed!  When you custom print a logo or a special message on balloons, you create a positive reaction, creating powerful effects, promotions and marketing opportunities. Custom printed balloons are often used to;

  • Mark an event location.
  • Promote new products and services or increase brand awareness.
  • Increase traffic at grand openings and sales events.
  • Create custom displays at trade shows, exhibitions, shopping centre promotions, conferences and parties.
  • Announce a company expansion or name change.
  • Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, engagements , weddings and special accomplishments.



Balloon Size

Custom printing is available on 5inch, 11inch, 16inch and 36inch latex balloons.
  • 5inch (13cm) balloons are small balloons slightly larger than your fist. These are tough to inflate by mouth and can lead to injury if inflated this way so using a pump or air inflator is recommended.
  • 11inch (28cm) balloons are the most commonly purchased balloons for parties.
  • 16 inch (41cm) balloons are larger than the common 11 inch balloon and really create an impact when anchored to something. They larger size makes them unique.
  • 36 inch (90cm) balloons are large balloons which create an amazing effect. The balloons appear more "round" than the smaller sized balloons.

 Balloon Size Chart


Neck Direction

Neck Down - The image is positioned with the print above the neck.
This option is used for helium filled balloons or air fllled on cups and sticks.

Neck Up The image is positioned with the print below the neck.
This options is used for hanging air-filled balloons or bunches.

Ink Colour

Ink colours are based on PMS (Pantone Matching System) colours. Please advise of the PMS Code or if you dont have this please provide the name of your ink colour.  PMS codes are used as a point of reference only and exact colour match cannot be gauranteed. The only ink colours in metallic are gold and silver.

  1. Single Colour Print
    1. Please supply artwork in black and white.
    2. Lead time for 1 colour print is 3-5 days from artwork proof approval. 
  2. Two or More Colour Print
    1. Please supply artwork in colour.
    2. Lead time for 2 or more colours is 6-8 weeks from artwork proof approval or this can be reduced to 3-5 days with a 20% rush fee.
    3. For 2 colours, Minimum order of 1000 balloons total applies. For 3 colours or more, minimum order of 2500 balloons applies.
    4. Colours cannot touch due to printing movement. They must be at separated by at least 3.2mm gap.




Artwork is to be supplied to us and we will get you a proof of the art to approve before commencing the printing process. Please consider the following when providing artwork;

  • Camera-ready artwork must be provided.
  • Black and white line art that is sharp in detail and not folded or wrinkled will be accepted.
  • Faxed transmissions are not considered camera-ready art.
  • Art size must be as per the below tables.
  • Files must be line art in EPS, PSD (Adobe PhotoShop), PDF, illustrator ai, jpeg, tiff, or bmp. Doc files are accepted by this should be a last resort.
  • Please do not save the files with names such as Artwork, Balloon, Balloon art, doc 1, logo, etc. Please save the file in reference to the actual job. ie. McDonald’s logo, children’s services, Queensland government, etc.
  • Any art that does not meet the above requirements may delay the process of getting a proof and subsequently delay your order.
  • The first proof does not attract a charge but if you request to change it there is a charge to get a new proof $15 for every subsequent proof.
Round Balloon Art Height Art Width
5inch/13cm 6.4cm 6.4cm
9inc/23cm 11.5cm 11.5cm
11inch/28cm 12.1cm 13.3cm
16inch/41cm 15cm 15cm


Heart Balloon Art Diameter
6inch/15cm 6.4cm
11inch/28cm 12.1cm
15inch/38cm 13.3cm


Sticks & Cups, Ribbons and Clips

Once you have decided on Neck Up or Neck Down printing, you can select how to display your balloons. The Party People have a large range of sticks, cups, ribbons and clips available. These can be found in our balloon section of our website or contact us to assist you.

Balloon Colour

Balloons come in different assortment. You can have either an mix of one type of assortment or choose your colours. If you choose your colours you must have 250 of each colour at a minimum. The most commonly used colours are pearls and metallics while jewel, standard and fashion colours are usually used when a very specific colour or look is intended. Often we use these to better match our balloons to a brand or logo colour.

Below are the assortments and colours in those assortments.

  • Standard Colours (Standard) - These balloons have a mat not shiny appearance and are generally translucent.
  • Jewel Colours (Jewels) - These balloons have a mat not shiny appearance and are generally transparant.
  • Fashion Colours - These balloons are shiny in appearance but are less common colours.
  • Radiant Pearl, Pastel Pearl & Metallic Colours (Metallics & Pearls) - These balloons have a shiny appearance and are generally translucent. Depending on the brand, pearls and metallics mean different things. At The Party People we use the word Radiant Pearl and Metallic as interchangable terms for Bright Colour Shiny Balloons. Pearls are generally pastel balloons with a shiny appearance. 

 Balloon Colour Chart 1 Standards

 Balloon Colour Chart 2 Fashion Tones

Balloon Colour Chart 3 Pearls


Important points to note about the below pricing
  • All pricing assumes 1 colour print on 1 side.
  • Printing on 2 sides of the balloon is an additional $26.00 per 1000 balloons printed (or part therof)
  • More than 1 colour print is an addtional $13.00 per colour per side for any quantity (so $26.00 extra per colour if your printing on 2 sides of the balloon)
  • 13cm balloons will not float when helium inflated so the smallest and most commonly printed balloon is the 28cm size
  • Small quantity of 100 or 250 is only available in 11inch balloons (regular sized balloons). Other sized balloons are only available in minimum of 500 only.
  • 1 colour print minimum order is 100 balloons, 2 colour print minimum order is 1000 balloons and 3 colours or more print balloons minimum order is 2500 balloons


Small Quantity - One Colour Only, Regular Shapped 11inch/28cm Balloons

Standard Colours

Jewel-Tone & Fashion-Tone Colours Metallic & Pearl-Tone Colours Standard Colours
Jewel-Tone & Fashion-Tone Colours Metallic & Pearl-Tone Colours
100  $    246  $    248  $    259  $    289  $    291  $    304
250  $    248  $    254  $    268  $    300  $    306  $    326


Regular Shaped Balloons    Quantity
Colour  Size 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 25,000
Standard Colours 5inch/13cm  $      275  $      320  $      530  $      872  $  1,554  $  3,576
Jewel-Tone & Fashion-Tone Colours 5inch/13cm  $      279  $      327  $      550  $      917  $  1,645  $  3,771
Metallic & Pearl-Tone Colours 5inch/13cm  $      283  $      333  $      566  $      950  $  1,710  $  3,966
Standard Colours 11inch/28cm  $      313  $      402  $      719  $  1,216  $  2,217  $  5,201
Jewel-Tone & Fashion-Tone Colours 11inch/28cm  $      315  $      409  $      735  $  1,249  $  2,282  $  5,363
Metallic & Pearl-Tone Colours 11inch/28cm  $      333  $      439  $      803  $  1,418  $  2,646  $  6,273
Standard Colours 16inch/41cm  $      417  $      566  $   1,112  $  2,016  $  3,777  $  9,101
Jewel-Tone & Fashion-Tone Colours 16inch/41cm  $      426  $      582  $  1,151  $  2,094  $  3,972  $  9,621
Metallic & Pearl-Tone Colours 16inch/41cm  $      439  $      605  $  1,197  $  2,198  $  4,193  $10,043
Giant Balloons   Quantity
Colour  Size 25 50 100 250 500 1,000
Standard Colours 3foot/90cm  $      342  $      488  $      774   $  1,561  $  2,828  $  5,568
Jewel-Tone & Fashion-Tone Colours 3foot/90cm  $      355  $      514  $      826  $  1,723  $  3,153  $  6,121
Metallic & Pearl-Tone Colours 30inch/75cm  $      366  $      537  $      872  $  1,837  $  3,381  $  6,591


 To order custom printed balloons simply click here and email us your order or questions.


Please ensure you provide the following;

  • Balloon Type: Round or Heart
  • Balloon Size
  • Neck Direction: Neck Up or Neck Down
  • Printed Sides: 1 side or 2 sides
  • Quantity of Balloons (consider minimum order. 1 colour print minimum order is 100 balloons, 2 colour print minimum order is 1000 balloons and 3 colours or more print balloons minimum order is 2500 balloons)
  • Ink Colour/s
  • Balloon Colour/s
  • Artword in black and white for 1 colour print or in colour for 2 or more colour print.
  • Additional materials required such as ribbons, clips, cups, sticks or weights.
  • Date Required
    • We will get you an artwork proof within 48 hours. Once you have approved the artwork proof, please allow at least 3-5 days for 1 colour printing and 6-8 weeks for 2 colour or more printing. If you require it faster we can do it within 3-5 days with a 20% rush fee