Costumes & Accessories

Scary & Magical Costumes

A massive range of scary and magical costumes suitable for Halloween and other occasions including; witches, fairies, devils and more!



Costumes & accessories for dressing as a ghost.



Good witch or wicked witch…decisions, decisions…you can create your own unique witch look with the huge selection of products available - right down to imitatio...

Dracula  Vampires

Dracula & Vampires

Costumes & accessories for Vampires & Draculas. Fangs, blood and more!

Skeletons  Grim Reapers

Skeletons & Grim Reapers

Skeleton & reaper costumes & accessories.

Mummies  Zombies

Mummies & Zombies

Costumes & accessories for Mummy & Zombie dress-ups.



A variety of headbands with devil horns, pitch forks, devil tails and more.

Wizards  Magicians

Wizards & Magicians

Wave yor wand and create some party magic! Fun yet simple dress-up ideas for would-be sorcerers and sorceresses…



Howl at the full moon in our werewolf costumes

Fairies  Angels

Fairies & Angels

Fairy and Angel costumes & accessories. A selection of wings, tiaras and wands.

Other Scary Creatures

Scary & Gory

Costumes & accessories for Werewolves, Frankenstein and other scary creatures.


This section covers uniform style costumes such as Police, military, pilots, doctors & nurses and much more!

Costume Accessories

You will be amazed by the massive range of masks, costumes and costume accessories available for purchase online. It's not just about the costume - it's about ...

Costume Themes

Shop for costumes according to the theme of the party you're going to.

TV / Movie Characters

Looking to dress as someone famous? Check out this section for all your favorite TV and Movie Characters.

Animal Costumes

A variety of costumes and accessories for the "party animal" in us all.