Costumes & Accessories

Costume Themes

Shop for costumes according to the theme of the party you're going to.

1920s  Gangster

1920's & Gangster

Black suits & white ties, flappers & gangster hats, cigars & spats. The roaring twenties were the epitome of fun and mystery...

1950s  Rock N Roll

1950's & Rock N Roll

Elvis, pink ladies and T-Birds ...the fabulous fifties..

1960s  Hippie

1960's & Hippie

Peace out man - brightly coloured fabrics in florals & hippie swirls, Peace sign jewellery & tattoos, Lennon style glasses with coloured lenses.

1970s  Retro

1970's & Disco

Afros, flares & shiny disco balls - get down and have a boogie night!

1980s  Retro

Awesome 80's

Think early Madonna and Cyndi Lauper - lots of fishnets and fluros!



Put on your poker face and take a gamble with these cool Casino themed costumes & accessories.

Naughty  Sexy

Naughty & Sexy

French maids, schoolgirls, hot police and naughty nurses..whatever takes your fancy!

Pimps  Pros

Pimps & Pros

Costumes and accessories for Pimps & Pros dress-ups can be found here.

Punk  Gothic

Punk & Gothic

Go to the dark side and go studded. Lots of fun with wigs and makeup in this theme!

Spanish  Mexican

Spanish & Mexican

Dress to Fiesta!



Costumes and accessories for Pirates can be found here.

Tropical  Hawaiian

Tropical & Hawaiian

Off to a Luau or Hawaiian party? Make sure you dress to fit in!

Jungle Safari  Stoneage

Jungle, Safari & Stoneage

Get back to nature with these costumes & accessories

Cowboys  Indians

Cowboys & Indians

Costumes and accessories for cowboys & girls and American Indians!

Bollywood  Indian

Bollywood & Indian

Bollywood & Indian themed costumes and accessories.

Arabian  Egyptian

Arabian & Egyptian

Arabian & Egyptian themed costumes and accessories can be found here.

Toga  Roman

Toga & Roman

Togas & Roman style costumes and accessories.



Medievel themed costumes & accessories can be found here.



Here you'll find all you need to be a King or Queen, prince or princess.



Christmas themed costumes and accessories

Clowns  Jesters

Clowns & Jesters

Costumes & accessories for dressing as a clown or a jester.

Asian  Oriental

Asian & Oriental

Costumes & accessories for Asian/Oriental dressing!

Inflatable Costumes

Inflatable Costumes

A new idea for fancy dressing!



Sports themed costumes.



Ooh la la!

German Costumes

German Costumes

Celebrating Oktoberfest? Then really get in the mood to party with these German themed costumes and accessories!



Costumes that recall the Emerald Isle...

Costume Accessories

You will be amazed by the massive range of masks, costumes and costume accessories available for purchase online. It's not just about the costume - it's about ...

TV / Movie Characters

Looking to dress as someone famous? Check out this section for all your favorite TV and Movie Characters.


This section covers uniform style costumes such as Police, military, pilots, doctors & nurses and much more!

Scary & Magical Costumes

A massive range of scary and magical costumes suitable for Halloween and other occasions including; witches, fairies, devils and more!

Animal Costumes

A variety of costumes and accessories for the "party animal" in us all.