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Fireman costumes & accessories.

Adult Costume - Fireman
$70.00 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Fireman (COS-23398)

Get ready to turn up the heat in your new fireman costume!

Adult Costume - Put out the Fire
$70.00 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Put out the Fire (COS-20064)

Costume includes dress, helmet and fire extinguisher beverage dispenser.

Adult Costume - Blaze Firefighter
$146.90 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Red Blaze Firefighter (COS-21287)

Got a burning desire to play with fire? The Blaze Firefighter adult costume is just what you need!

Adult Costume - Undead Firestarter
$102.95 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Undead Firestarter (COS-23010)

First on the scene and definitely the most frightening, it's the ladies zombie firefighter costume!

Child Costume - Fireman wHelmet
$29.90 (incl GST)

Child Costume - Fireman w/Helmet (COS-20015)

Put out the fire!

Contact Lenses - Funky Wild Fire
$29.95 (incl GST)

Contact Lenses - Funky, Wild Fire (COS-20500)

A set of high quality InnoVision contact lenses from the Funky range. Be aware that your burning gaze may start a wild fire!

Firemans Helmet wVisor
$9.90 (incl GST)

Fireman's Helmet w/Visor (COS-22469)

Get ready to put out some fires in your new fire chief helmet with visor!

Thirst Extinguisher
$24.95 (incl GST)

Thirst Extinguisher (PAS-21915)

Extinguish a raging thirst with the Thirst Extinguisher drink dispenser!