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Sports themed costumes.

Adult Costume - Cheer Costume
$71.00 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Cheer Costume (COS-18745)

Give me an 'h'! Give me an 'o'! Give me a 't'!

Adult Costume - Half Time Referee
$69.95 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Half Time Referee (COS-18746)

It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game...if you can make the judgement then this referee costume is for you!

Adult Costume - Hot Dog
$53.00 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Hot Dog (COS-21094)

Just call me Sausage, coz I'm on a roll! A Hotdog costume, great for fast food enthusiasts and anyone prone to spilling mustard on themselves.

Adult Costume - Jockey Female
$39.90 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Jockey, Female (COS-23393)

A racy ladies jockey costume just in time for Melbourne Cup!

Adult Costume - Jockey Male
$57.95 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Jockey, Male (THP-25087)

Get ready for a wild ride in your new adult jockey costume!

Adult Costume - Kangaroo Boxer
$79.95 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Kangaroo Boxer (THP-25097)

"G'day sport!" Become an Australian icon with your very own boxing kangaroo costume!

Adult Costume - Peggy Pom Pom
$55.00 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Peggy Pom Pom (COS-18928)

Costume includes dress and shakers/pom poms.

Adult Costume - Pretty Puncher
$85.00 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Pretty Puncher (COS-19486)

Talk about punching above your weight! This cute costume is sure to be a knock-out at your next fancy dress party!

Adult Costume - Speed Demon
$90.00 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Speed Demon (COS-18725)

You'll love this racy certainly ain't the pits!

Adult Costume - Sumo Wrestler
$45.90 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Sumo Wrestler (COS-22429)

Make a huge impact in your very own sumo wrestler costume!

Adult Costume - The Babe
$79.95 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - The Babe (COS-19594)

Batter up! A sassy take on the classic baseball uniform, guaranteed to score a home run!

Adult Costume - Touchdown Temptress
$74.95 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Touchdown Temptress (COS-19593)

Go long! This American Football themed costume will be a game-changer.

Second Skin - Australia
$73.95 (incl GST)

Adult Costume, Second Skin - Australia (THP-25132)

Support the Wallabies, the Opals or any of your favorite Australian sports teams with this second skin!

Second Skin - New Zealand
$66.95 (incl GST)

Adult Costume, Second Skin - New Zealand (THP-25131)

Support the All Blacks, the Silver Ferns or any of your favorite New Zealand sports teams with this second skin!

Child Costume - Boxer
$39.95 (incl GST)

Child Costume - Boxer (COS-14160)

Boxer costume with hooded cape, shorts, belt, gloves and muscle chest.

Child Costume - Equestrian
$65.90 (incl GST)

Child Costume - Equestrian (COS-23400)

Be the best in show in your new equestrian costume!

Contact Lenses - Fancy Soccer
$39.90 (incl GST)

Contact Lenses - Fancy, Soccer (THP-24934)

A set of high quality contact lenses from the Fancy range featuring a Soccer design. A must have for the World Cup!

Inflatable Costume - Ninja
$59.95 (incl GST)

Inflatable Costume - Ninja (COS-22880)

Now here's a unique idea for a Fancy Dress outfit! Become an overweight ninja instantly with your new inflatable costume.

JasonHockey Mask - Standard
$6.00 (incl GST)

Jason/Hockey Mask - Standard (COS-11312)

Plastic white hockey mask.

Jockey Hat - Fabric
$15.95 (incl GST)

Jockey Hat - Fabric (THP-21374)

Saddle up and get into the racing season with your very own jockey's hat!

Mask - Luchador
$14.90 (incl GST)

Mask - Luchador (THP-24019)

Become a mysterious Mexican luchador wrestler with this awesome mask and cape set!

Morphsuit - Racer Kids
$34.95 (incl GST)

Morphsuit - Racer, Kids (COS-20114)

Feel like a Formula One car racer in this morphsuit you can breath through, drink through and see through!

Muscle Shirt
$39.90 (incl GST)

Muscle Shirt (COS-20184)

Throw out your gym membership and pick up the Muscle Shirt!

Riding Crop
$8.90 (incl GST)

Riding Crop (THP-23336)

An authentic looking riding crop is the perfect addition to your jockey or equestrian themed costume!

Socks - Thigh High Athletic BlackWhite
$24.00 (incl GST)

Socks - Thigh High, Athletic Black/White (COS-18884)

Athletic ribbed thigh high with stripe.

Socks - Thigh High Athletic WhiteBlack
$24.00 (incl GST)

Socks - Thigh High, Athletic White/Black (COS-18882)

Athletic ribbed thigh high with stripe.

Stencils - Aussie Face Paint
$2.45 (incl GST)

Stencils - Face Paint, Aussie (THP-23895)

A set of Australian themed stencils, suited for use with face paint.