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Feeling like a party animal - check out the other animal themed items available here.

Adult Costume - Gorilla
$99.95 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Gorilla (COS-22430)

Where does a 200 pound gorilla party? Anywhere he wants to! An adult gorilla costume, no monkey business.

Adult Costume - Gorilla and Cage
$250.00 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Gorilla and Cage (COS-22508)

This costume is for serious party animals only! Paint the jungle red wearing this unique gorilla and cage costume.

Adult Costume - Lobster
$39.90 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Lobster (THP-24080)

Get ready to rock in your new adult lobster costume! Rock lobsta!

Adult Costume - Shark Attack
$41.90 (incl GST)

Adult Costume - Shark Attack (COS-22421)

Ever feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew? For those who want an outfit with a little more 'bite', it's the adult shark attack costume!

Animal Nose Latex - Pig
$2.25 (incl GST)

Animal Nose Latex - Pig (COS-10638)

A latex nose shaped like a pigs snout.

Child Costume - Dinosaur
$29.95 (incl GST)

Child Costume - Dinosaur (COS-18958)

Contains jumpsuit with tail, shoe covers, sound chip and headpiece.

Child Costume - Lil Bat
$24.95 (incl GST)

Child Costume - Lil Bat (COS-18968)

A cute costume for little terrors which consists of a romper with non skid soles and a headpiece.

Child Costume - Shark Boy
$29.90 (incl GST)

Child Costume - Shark Boy (COS-22402)

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water... It's the children's shark costume!

Child Costume - Spongebob
$83.60 (incl GST)

Child Costume - Spongebob (COS-17770)

Consists of tunic and shoe covers.

Child Costume - Triceratops
$29.95 (incl GST)

Child Costume - Triceratops (COS-23274)

For a Triassic classic you can't go past the children's triceratops costume!

Contact Lenses - Funky Zebra
$29.95 (incl GST)

Contact Lenses - Funky, Zebra (COS-20506)

A set of high quality InnoVision contact lenses from the Funky range, featuring a black and white zebra pattern design. Stand out from the herd!

Costume - Complete Chimpanze
$249.90 (incl GST)

Costume - Complete Chimpanze (COS-14784)

Men's complete chimpanzee costume. This costume will let you get away with a whole lot of monkeying around!

Gloves - Hairy Monster Hands
$8.95 (incl GST)

Gloves - Hairy Monster Hands (COS-24180)

You'll howl with happiness when you see your new hairy monster/werewolf hands!

Headband - Reindeer Antlers
$3.45 (incl GST)

Headband - Reindeer Antlers (THP-23652)

A cute headband with brown fabric antlers attached, also featuring holly leaves and red bells!

Headbands - Santas Reindeer 8 pk
$12.00 (incl GST)

Headbands - Santa's Reindeer, 8 pk (THP-23684)

A set of eight reindeer antler headbands featuring the names of Santa's eight reindeer!

Mask - Ape Blonde Hair
$51.90 (incl GST)

Mask - Ape, Blonde Hair (COS-24317)

"He can talk!" Have a rumble in the jungle with your brand new blonde hair ape mask!

Mask - King Kong
$38.90 (incl GST)

Mask - King Kong (COS-10641)

Increadibly realistic and made from latex this gorilla has some incredibly sharp brown stained teeh and lots of black hair.

Mask - Planet of the Apes
$32.90 (incl GST)

Mask - Planet of the Apes (COS-10642)

Latex mask of a chimp from Planet of the Apes.

Mask - Plastic Cheetah
$4.90 (incl GST)

Mask - Plastic, Cheetah (COS-16683)

Out on the prowl?

Mask - Plastic Elephant
$4.90 (incl GST)

Mask - Plastic, Elephant (COS-16691)

Let's go on a safari!

Mask - Plastic Fox
$4.90 (incl GST)

Mask - Plastic, Fox (COS-16681)

A moulded plastic mask of a fox's face...

Mask - Plastic Panda
$4.90 (incl GST)

Mask - Plastic, Panda (COS-16689)

A moulded plastic mask of a cute panda!

Mask - Plastic Panther
$4.90 (incl GST)

Mask - Plastic, Panther (COS-16682)

A quick fix dress-up accessory and great alternative to a party hat for your Jungle themed parties!

Mask - Plastic Pig
$4.90 (incl GST)

Mask - Plastic, Pig (COS-16685)

Moulded plastic mask of a pig's face.

Mask - Plastic Polar Bear
$4.90 (incl GST)

Mask - Plastic, Polar Bear (COS-16688)

A quick fix dress-up accessory.

Mask - Plastic Tiger
$4.90 (incl GST)

Mask - Plastic, Tiger (COS-16686)

Moulded plastic mask of a tiger's face.

Morphsuit - Zebra
$74.95 (incl GST)

Morphsuit - Zebra (COS-17923)

Breathe, see and even drink through a Morphsuit! Made from 100% Lycra. Machine washable.