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These are the adhesive white letters and numerals which are used to complete the personalised or customised DIY banners.

The writing on all the personalized banners is also white. Please select one of each number or letter you require to complete your banner and add each one to your cart. For example "Happy 5th Birthday Adam" you will need to add to your cart: 1 x 5, 1 x "th", 2 x "A", 1 x D, 1 x M.

Add each number or letter to your cart individually and remember to check the contents of your cart before finalising your order to ensure you have all the letters/numbers you require to complete your banner!

These letters can also be used to create your own customised banner - just purchase a strip of vinyl in a 1m, 2m or 3m length (available in several colours) and purchase the letters you need! Great for garage sales, fetes, graduations - any occasion you can think of!

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28-Jul-2015 Product:

Slightly tricky to peel of the page - probably more an operator error than a product fault =)
11-Apr-2015 Product:

Letters are too big for each pennant in banner - they overhang.