Balloon Decorating Services


Note: Balloon decorating services are currently only available in the sydney metropolitain area.

The Party People have been balloon decorating for over 30 years and we are experts when it comes to arranging and sculpting balloons. Believe it or not there is such thing as a CBA which is a balloon industry qualification called a Certified Balloon Artist, which is recognized worldwide (not a joke, google it, we dare you!) and The Party People have some of the best in the business.

The Party People have done balloons for just about every type of function from small functions such as family gatherings, to more modest sized events such as birthday, christenings and weddings. The Party People have also decorated for product launches, TV programs, shopping malls, movie sets and a long list of big name celebrities. Check our blog for some highlights.

Balloons can be arranged into clusters, bouquets, columns or arches, or even sculpted into building sized company logo’s, cartoon characters, animals and more, the possibilities are endless. The Party People are experts in theming so you can coordinate all of your event with our theme decorations and add some customized balloon decor to give it the extra WOW factor!

Its best to talk to our decorators in store and let us show you all the themes, designs and colours available to help you make your decisions but be warned, they love to get creative. Your also welcome to contact us via phone to organize your decorations. Either way, we’ll work with you to put together a decoration package that suits your needs and make it easy for you.

Alternatively, should you wish to decorate yourself, The Party People have options available including those who are budget conscious! Our website has everything you need to do your own balloon decorating. Our online store helps you browse at your own leisure making your event less stressful and we’ll ship all  your items to you so you can have fund decorating yourself.

Better still, why not buy some easy decorations online and leave the difficult balloon decor to us, we can work with any plan and any budget!

Below is some inspiration ideas to help you chose your balloon decorations




We’ll happily deliver to a venue or come to your house and transform it into your chosen theme! Below are some details about deliveries;


  • Delivery is only available in the Sydney Metropolitain Area.
  • Delivery is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week however minimums and surcharges may apply as outlined below.
  • Minimum purchase of $50 is required for delivery from Monday to Saturday
  • Minimum Purchase of $100 applies to Sunday deliveries
  • Delivery fees vary by suburb.
  • A delivery overtime surcharge applies to deliveries that are not between 9.30am-4.30pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Delivery window must be a 2hr timeframe.
  • Call our stores for delivery prices to your suburb




Balloon Printing

Want to put your logo on a balloon? The Party People can do this and we have competitive rates!  We can also supply you with the helium, ribbons and/or air inflator  with cups and sticks!  For more information, click here.


DIY Helium Balloon Kits

These DIY kits come in several sizes and colour arrangements. They include the helium gas, the balloons and ribbons with clips to make tying less stressful. Additions such as weights in an assortment of styles or printed latex can all be purchases at an extra cost depending on your requirements.


Table Centerpieces (Air filled)

Table centrepieces are air filled arrangements. We can create a lasting impression with custom designed arrangement to suit your theme and colour! Whether it’s a tropical jungle , fairy theme or company specfiic theme, let us work with you and create it for you.


Table Latex Helium Bouquets

Helium filled balloon bouquets transform any event giving it an amazing atmosphere.   With the added value of height, your bouquets can be elegant and sophisticated or fanciful and fun,  The Party People have balloons in virtually any theme or colour for you! Choose from 11inch (28cm) to 16inch (40cm) balloons or wow your customers or guests with our popular 3 foot ballloon bouquets.


Table Foil Helium Bouquets

Helium filled foil balloon bouquets are similar to table latex bouquets using foil or mylar balloons.  We have a great ranged of licensed theme and characters with the added bonus that they last longer than latex balloons.


Floor Latex Helium Bouquets

Helium filled floor bouquets transform your event with colourful excitement. Whether at the entrance, dance floor or to fill a void, floor bouquets can be any colour or theme to suit your occasion. We generally make arrangements of 7 balloons for a slender look or 10 balloons for a fuller look and for a huge impact. Top any of these with printed latex or themed foils.  Surround your customers or guests with the motion and the magic that balloons can bring to a party!


Decorator Bubble Helium  Balloons

Bubble balloons are a large clear looking balloon and can be adapted to suit any occasion whether on its own or in a bouquet. The balloons can be filled with smaller balloons, feathers or confetti. Smaller clusters of balloons can be attached and these are tied to a weight with organza ribbon, jute string or paper ribbon creating a beautiful effect!


Giant Helium Balloons

The 3 foot giant balloons are very popular for weddings making an impact and statement especially in photos. On their own or covered with tulle, they are elegant within themselves. We can attach cascades of ribbons, tassels or smaller balloons. We’re open to suggestions. Let us create your dream!


Ceiling Balloons

Nothing is as exciting as partying under a canopy of ceiling balloons. Creating movement and fun you can coordinate your theme and colour to dance the night away. We can even attached balloons curls should you wish a funky theme.


Clusters of Balloons or Topiary Balls

Clusters of air filled balloons come in 6 or 12 balloons which are ideal for hanging. These air filled clusters can be hung from outdoor awnings and pergolas or indoor for office ceilings. Retail Businesses can hang these long lasting decorations giving great visual impact to their customers. Helium filled topiary balls with 12 balloons which replicate a ball can add visual impact and can be used to simulate floating puff balls!



Columns create awesome entrance decor or can be used as exciting room decorations.  Grand Openings, sales, under the sea or team colours are just a few ideas! Let us help you capture your customers' or guests'' attention at your next event.



Arches like columns can be used in many ways and are one of our most popular corporate request.  Arches from small single doorway to large areas offer guests or customers a welcoming sign and people love to walk through them. Arches offered as a background can also make a huge impact at your next event. Decorated in a spiral, or a creative design, ask us today what we can do for you.



The Party people can create simple sculptures from dancing balloon people to company logos, elephants, clowns and many more, all from balloons. You would be surprised what we can create, sometimes we are amazed too!


Alphabet Letters and Numbers

Want to spell out a name or age for a birthday? Perhaps a company name? We’ve got the letters and the numbers so let us personalise for you!


Delivery Bouquets

Is an important client celebrating an annivesary, birthday, or maybe you want to congratulate or thank someone? Make them smile by having a bouquet of balloons delivered straight to their door. We have them in all shapes and sizes, just tell us the occasion and we can deliver It for you and make their day!


Linking balloons

Available in lots of colours and designs, we can link balloons for you.  And if you're on a budget, you can create the strands yourself.  When filled with helium they float or when filled with air they form an instant garland for hanging.



Contact us for assistance or to book you balloon decore today!